WinImage tutorial

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- microSD card Reader
- WinImage
- Main_Page#Pre-built_OS_Releases Android or Angstrom OS image


  • Procure a microSD card and install it into a microSD compatible card reader.
  • Open WinImage (on Windows 7 select "Run as Administrator") and select from “Disk” menu “Use removable disk X:” where X is drive letter assigned by your windows system to microSD disk.
  • Select from “Disk” menu “Restore virtual Hard Disk image on physical drive”.
  • You will be prompted to select your physical device from a list . Make sure you choose correct disk for restoring your image, you can identify it by size.

example: we used a Kingston Multi USB Card Reader and a 1Gb microSD


  • When prompted, browse for the appropriate Android or Angstrom OS image previously downloaded and click OK
  • WinImage will create your boot microSD ready to use with pico-SAM9G45 board.
Restoring image to a physical drive will fully erase it's contents, so be very careful when choosing restore physical device.