J9 connector

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J9 connector provides SPI port 1, I2C port 1 , serial 2 (UART2) and GPIO

Image 1: Zoom in left side (top view) of pico-SAM9G45 development board showing J9 connector with PIN1 marked up.
J9 connector

NOTE: Connectors have a 2.0 mm pitch

Image 2: On J9, you can enable the actions for the HOME, BACK and MENU Android buttons.

- Pin 11 - BACK button,
- Pin 12 - HOME button,
- Pin 13 - MENU button.
- For GROUND you can use a single pin. Pin 5 or pin 6.

Android buttons action on J9 connector

For using more buttons see: J14 connector

For information on SPI see: Working with SPI interface
For information on I2C see: Working with I2C interface
For information on GPIOs see: Working with GPIOs