Creating images for deploying to microSD

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1. Download the images tools from: and go to the create-virtual-image/ folder

 git clone git://
 cd picopc-tools
 cd create-virtual-image

2. Create a empty virtual image with:

 Creating a 256 MB image with 9% boot partition 
 Creating empty disk image...done
 Creating partitions on /dev/loop0 ...done
 Setting up virtual partitions...done
 Creating MSDOS filesystem for BOOT partition ...done
 Creating EXT3 filesystem for ROOTFS partition ...done
 Mounting paritions ...done
 All done you can copy your files to boot and rootfs
 Execute to save what you copied when done.

3. Copy BOOT.BIN and linux.bin to boot/ folder and your root file system to rootfs/ folder

4. Create the final archive (the image created with step 1 will be compressed in a zip file)

 Enter name prefix or [ENTER] for default name

5. The image can be written to the microSD using dd or winimage.