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<!--Eclair start -->
<!--Eclair start -->
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<h2>[[File:android-logo.gif|link=]] Eclair 2.1</h2>
<h2>[[File:Android-logo.gif|link=]] Eclair 2.1</h2>
'''2.1 stable (2011-03-29)''' - [[File:zipIcon.png|link=]] [http://arm.mini-box.com/releases/android-2.1-eclair-2011-03-29.zip download]<br>
'''2.1 stable (2011-03-29)''' - [[File:zipIcon.png|link=]] [http://arm.mini-box.com/releases/android-2.1-eclair-2011-03-29.zip download]<br>
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Latest revision as of 18:48, 19 October 2020

Change log

Android-gingerbread-logo.jpg Gingerbread 2.3

2.3 stable 4 - based on kernel version 3.1 (2012-09-28) - ZipIcon.png download
2.3 stable 3 - based on kernel version 3.1 (2012-07-18) - ZipIcon.png download
- Disabled safe-mode
- Make application Not Responding timeout bigger for application that require a lot of CPU/IO for starting
- Let InputDevice subsystem still process events even if device is in sleep mode
- Keys that are defined with WAKE in Android keyboard (kl) files send those actions to applications when pressed even if device is in sleep mode
- Make device wake up when touching the touchscreen but don't send the touch to active application
- Added key codes used by the capacitive touchscreen buttons
- Calibrate application has been removed from default build since it's only useful for resistive touchscreens. Users can build their own from device/mini-box/picopc/packages/apps/Calibrate or use a precompiled version from the previous build
- Removed battery icon from the top bar
- Make wpa_supplicant exit when an WIFI adapter no longer responds to IOCTLs. This has been done to fix issues with some adapters (notably realtek family 8188cu) that remained hung returning no scan results
- Make Android WIFI stack reload itself when wpa_supplicant has exited, to fix the issues explained above
- This release is still build in engineering mode. User mode build is now possible that improves perfomance by removing serial logcat and other debugging.

2.3 stable 2 - based on kernel version 3.1 (2012-03-13) - ZipIcon.png download
- Changed Android keyboard so that prediction, auto correct, suggestion and key popup are disabled by default
- Made Android keyboard key size bigger and removed prediction bar (candidates strip)
- Fixed permissions for Calibrate app for resistive touchscreen
- Added custom libcopybit, libgralloc, libagl for hardware acceleration. Depending on benchmarks these libs provide a 25% fps increase (benchmarked with 100+ rectangles drawn and randomly moved on screen)
- Added drivers for FocalTech Capacitive touchscreen (used on the upcoming picoPC case

2.3 stable 1 - based on kernel version 3.1 (2012-08-02) - ZipIcon.png download
- fixed su utility to allow root console access
- added calibration option to picosam8g45 touchscreen driver accessible thru sysfs interface
- added Atmel calibration application in Android (should came out on first boot)
- added more usb id numbers for RealTek 8192 WiFi cards

2.3 beta 6 - based on kernel version 3.1 (2011-12-12) - ZipIcon.png download
- New build based on kernel 3.1
- Added support for Realtek 8192 WiFi cards
- Added support for capacitive touchscreen
- Dalvik performance enhancements
- Added support for 7" display
- Changed bootstrap so it can load kernels named uImage (kept linux.bin naming as backward compatibility)

2.3 beta 5 - based on kernel version 2.6 (2011-10-12) - ZipIcon.png download
- added spidev for SPI on J7 and J9 connectors for accessing SPI from userspace
- updated bootstrap to the latest version
- kernel performance improvements

2.3 beta 4 (2011-07-21) - ZipIcon.png download
- adb (Android debug bridge) works over USB (micro USB port).
- adb works over ethernet/wifi.
- added a ssh server to allow remote logins over the network.
- scp to and from the box now work.
- sync with master branch to prepare for honeycomb release.

2.3 beta 3 (2011-06-21) - ZipIcon.png download
- Updates and fixes from AOSP
- Dithering is now an option at compile time
- Universal storage support: Android will try to mount any device that it's plugged in (SDCARD, USB Storage, etc).
By default it will mount the boot sdcard so a minimal storage device it will be available.
To mount another device first unmount the old device from Settings->Storage.
This behavior can be restricted from /etc/vold.fstab
- Ethernet support with DHCP and Static IP available, it can coexist with WiFi DHCP. If both WiFi and Ethernet are connected, Ethernet will be the preferred connection.
- Google Android "signed" applications can be installed downloading the latest archive from here and then unzipping it in the root of ROOTFS partitions.
- New key for direct access to HOME screen. See J9 or J14 connector page.
- WiFi Sleep policy is now setup by default at build time to "Never" (can be changed to something else from Settings->Wireless networks)
- Increase polling delay of WiFi RSSI/LinkSpeed information to free some cpu usage
- Added a virtual sensor driver, which can be used to change screen orientation / accelerometer. Implemented as Keyboard driver, can be used from GPIOs

2.3 beta 2 - ZipIcon.png download
- Latest 2.3.4 gingerbread updates with AOSP fixes
- Performance improvements
- Working ntpclient
- Working Bluetooth with USB bluetooth dongles
- Compatible with Android Market and Applications from: here
to install copy the contents of the zip file in the root of ROOTFS partitions
- Signal strength fixes for RTL chipsets
- Buzzer/Vibrator support

2.3 beta - ZipIcon.png download
- WiFi is working with built in kernel drivers
- Secondary slot SD card support for application data storage

2.3 alpha 2 - ZipIcon.png download
- Fixed the booting issue from the 2.3. alpha1 release

Android-ICS-logo.jpg Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

4.0.3 alpha 1 - based on kernel version 3.1 (2012-08-02) - ZipIcon.png download
- First release. This release is tailored for 7" screen. By default it forces the tablet interface (system.prop lcd.sf.density=120). It's recommended that the interface to be used with a usb mouse since there isn't any calibration support atm.

Android-logo.gif Eclair 2.1

2.1 stable (2011-03-29) - ZipIcon.png download
- Ethernet and WiFi now work with DHCP automatically. If ethernet cable is plugged and DHCP request succeed, while the WiFi connection is active, the WiFi connection will be closed. WiFi will reconnect if ethernet connection drops.
- Faster booting by packing pre-indexed java classes.

2.1 stable (2011-03-24) - ZipIcon.png download
- Fixed issue with keypad buttons not working
- Added AndAppStore application to install android applications
- Added driver for USB WIFI dongles based on RaLink 3070 chipset

2.1 beta 5.3 - ZipIcon.png download
- Fixed image filesystem errors

2.1 beta 5.2 - ZipIcon.png download
- Fixed image filesystem errors
- Removed 3G and Battery icons from Android status bar since pico-SAM9G45 doesn't use those

2.1 beta 5.1 - ZipIcon.png download
- smaller image size but without cached files (slower on first boot)
- touch screen calibration starts up automatically at first boot
- disabled buttons on touchscreen (to add BACK and MENU buttons see: J9 or J14 connector page)

Known issues

Android 2.3 beta (Gingerbread):

- Default touchscreen calibration is not perfect