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I have one of your pico-Sam9G45 and have run up Angstrom linux. It is powered by the micro USB connection.
However, when I run up SAM-BA under windows XP on my PC I am only offered serial com ports, there is no USB option.
Is there any way around this?
Brian Meyrick

Hi Meyrick, did you checked this page? Connecting with SAM-BA ?
You can connect the pico-SAM9G45 board through the microUSB port with a micro AB USB cable, plug it on the board and then on your PC USB port and if you installed the SAM-BA software Windows should automatically detect the board.

The SAM-BA is not working for me also. Either there is a driver problem for USB on Windows/Linux side or something else... I can "only" use USART terminal. Miroslav Ignjatovic

Hi, Miroslav, try to install the ADB driver for pico-SAM9G45 using this steps

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