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How to compile a new kernel for pico-SAM9G45

Other toolchains like Codesourcery can be used.

   git clone git://

and checkout the branch that you with to use with:

   git checkout <branchname>

Replace <branchname> with:


   If you are using the 2.6.x kernel branch make sure you checkout the picopc-bootstrap-2.6 branch from picopc-bootstrap

Commands to produce a kernel image for Android:

mkdir ~/picosam9 cd ~/picosam9 git clone git:// git clone git:// cd kernel git checkout minibox-picopc-2.6.32-gingerbread cp arch/arm/configs/picopc_defconfig .config echo "make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=~/picokernel/toolchain/bin/arm-eabi- $1" > ./ menuconfig && ./ uImage ls -l arch/arm/boot/uImage </pre>

NOTE If you aren't using our toolchain, make sure you have mkimage from u-boot sources installed in your path. Although pico-SAM9G45 bootstrap doesn't use u-boot it expects a kernel in the uImage format. mkimage tool can be compiled from u-boot sources from the tools directory [1]

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