Compiling Angstrom for pico-SAM9G45

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Obtain the proper angstrom distribution

by running the following command:

 git clone git://
 cd openembedded
 git checkout 2011.03-maintenance

Configure the picosam9 machine

by running the following commands:

 MACHINE=picosam9 ./ update
 MACHINE=picosam9 ./ config picosam9

Obtain the recipes

As of 23-10-2011 the recipes for picosam9 are included in openembedded ( branch) the step below is optional.

"recipes" - files needed to build software for the picosam9 machine. From the setup-scripts folder run the following commands:

 wget -O picosam9-recipe.tgz
 tar xzvf picosam9-recipe.tgz --strip 1

Note: the recipes for picosam9 can also be obtained from git here:

Start building

if you want to build only the kernel:

 MACHINE=picosam9 ./ bitbake virtual/kernel

or if you want a base image:

 MACHINE=picosam9 ./ bitbake base-image

To get the same build as the binary ones provided by you can use the recipes from the archive:

 MACHINE=picosam9 ./ bitbake picosam9-gpe-image
 MACHINE=picosam9 ./ bitbake picosam9-console-image


  cd sources/openembedded
  git checkout tested_2011-01-13 -b tested_2011-01-13
  cd sources/bitbake
  git checkout 1.12
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